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Energy & Utilities Information Services RAMA Solution

Engage's Revenue and Margin Assurance (RAMA) Service is a tailored service that allows you to produce comprehensive portfolio level Management Information reports covering gross margins, costs and unbilled accounts. RAMA minimises your billing to settlement gap, producing a monthly saving in £'s, whilst simultaneously transferring knowledge, to provide a cost effective enduring solution as your business grows. Click here to see the data sheet.

Our software:

  • Reconciles billing and settlement volumes and costs
  • Calculates Gross Margin and reports on it
  • Provides analysis at MPAN/MPRN level including identification of unbilled accounts
  • Provides Business Information showing volume and £value by issue type 

Our team of experts:

  • Resolve the issues for you
  • Transfer deep knowledge of the energy market and root cause resolution into your settlement and billing teams
  • Provide a comprehensive training package and experienced advisors to help you develop your expertise

Together these deliver:

  • Cashflow and process improvements for the long term
  • Assurance that your settlement costs are appropriately validated 

Our combined service helps you manage volume and cost discrepancies as well as providing a Gross Margin assessment at customer or segment level. It allows you to track issues such as IGT exceptions, D0095 exceptions and Large EAC/AAs, record actions taken on affected meters, then monitor the resolution over time. Furthermore, it delivers comprehensive Management Information around gross margins, costs and unbilled accounts.

Our experts will help you with the critical data cleanse activity required to ensure your Smart Metering roll-out and Project Nexus implementation are successful as well as support your transition strategy during and after implementation.

Whether you are a niche Supplier or one operating across a number of customer segments, our service can be tailored to your needs thus helping you deliver tangible financial and customer benefits and mitigate regulatory risks. 

Over the years, Engage's RAMA work has helped both large and small suppliers save millions of pounds.


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