Energy & Utilities Information Services

Our developers have a deep understanding of the energy and utilities industry business processes and rules, enabling us to deliver a range of tailored products and services: 

Revenue and Margin Assurance Solution - is a tailored solution that minimises your billing to settlement gap, producing a monthly saving in £'s, whilst simultaneously transferring knowledge, to provide a cost effective enduring solution as your business grows. 

Exception Plus Product - E+ is our market leading solution for addressing electricity Settlement data mismatches (D0095s) in the non-half hourly market, identifying the cause of data mismatches and recommending corrective actions.

Bespoke Development - Our detailed technical understanding of industry arrangements and market data, underpin the development of high quality business systems. Our IS Practice has been supporting a central market body for over seven years, consistently delivering a first class service, enabling a more effective response to Stakeholders’ changing needs. Services include Requirements Analysis, Data Analysis and IS Consultancy.

Software as a Service (SaaS) - Using our unique 'Core' framework, new SaaS applications can be created and deployed to a hosted environment in short timescales.


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