Revenue & Margin Assurance

Our Revenue and Margin Assurance (RAMA) service provides the assurance to industry players that their income and costs, where possible, match in order to minimise their unbilled gap. Our established solution provides detailed gross margin for individual customer and product groups. It also provides for comprehensive macro level Management information that reports a supplier’s gross margin, costs and unbilled accounts.

Uniquely, our solution identifies the root cause of issues and our service transfers our knowledge to client’s operational staff. Our experienced consultants provide one off training sessions and ongoing support to suit a company’s need. 

Maximising Profit - We analyse Gas and Power companies' portfolio data and identify customer accounts where there is insufficient margin, and/or a difference between their billing and settlement volume. We provide you with comprehensive macro level MI for these areas. We identify the root causes, providing detailed recommendations and suggest changes to their settlements function to improve processes and manage future discrepancies. 

Maximising Allowable Income - We provide analysis and advice on areas, such as gross volume correction, that impact Distribution Network Operators’ losses reporting. This involved analysing EAC/AA settlement data for the network operators, in support of demonstrating that adjustments outside of DNO control have impacted materially reported losses for the DRR4 period for the purposes of determining allowable revenue.