Smart Metering & Smart Grids

Our industry leading smart metering and smart grids expertise allows us to assist clients in achieving business readiness for the smart world, delivering confidence in the solution along with value for money. 

Market Insight, Strategy & Advice - We reviewed and signed off an independent supplier's SMETS2 smart meter procurement programme for smart meter installs, data collection, data aggregation and meter asset provision.

Requirements & Design - We delivered the smart grid network requirements for Smart Metering for the network companies. The work covered: Smart Metering System Requirements and Use Case definitions with respect to the functionality required; Data Traffic Analysis; Security and Privacy requirements; and cost benefit analysis.

Project Management & Assurance - We reviewed an independent supplier's SMETS2 programme and provided project support, to ensure readiness for the SMETS2 transition. We provided advice on the regulatory impact on business processes and on the resources required to deliver SMETS2 and meet regulatory obligations.

Industry Operational Support - We provided smart metering technical leadership to a supplier's Smart Metering Programme. This involved providing strategic advisory support regarding technology development, including delivery of an Asset Strategy and HAN strategy.

Technical Resource - Engage is currently providing smart meter engineering expertise to the GB Smart Metering Programme, to ensure that the smart metering equipment specifications are developed and notified to the EU, to develop the Companion Specification.

Training WorkshopsWe delivered a smart metering workshop to an energy supplier to provide an overview of the GB smart metering market and to provide compliance advice and guidance on the regulatory impact on energy suppliers with small numbers of Non Half Hourly sites.

Innovation Project Support - We assisted a distribution network operator in assessing demand side response (DSR) market models that were applicable in a specific sub-set of their operating region, providing analysis and modelling of the commercial and cost implications of the proposed DSR models.

Procurement & Bid Expertise - We provided procurement support to an independent supplier, reviewing the tender processes they had initiated for smart meter installation, meter manufacturer and MAP services. We ensured requirements were understood and completed assurance audits on responses received by third parties. 

Market Research & Reporting - We completed research on several technology areas in the UK, France, Germany and Italy for a global technology company. This included Solar PV, Storage batteries, Electric Vehicles, Demand Response, Home Energy Management Systems, Time of Use Tariffs and Virtual Power Plants.