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Revenue & Margin Assurance Maximising Profit

Engage Consulting analyse Gas and Power companies' portfolio data and identify customer accounts where there is insufficient margin, and/or a discrepancy between billing and settlement volume. Engage Consulting identify the key causes, provide detailed recommendations and propose improvements to business processes.

Our RAMA service maximises energy suppliers' profits by;

  • Identifying customer accounts that are under-billing
  • Identifying areas where there is overpayment of costs
  • Providing a single source of MI/financial reporting tailored to Suppliers’ internal departments’ needs
  • Allowing Suppliers to monitor their DC/MOP performance through to the final settlements run (RF)

It is often difficult for energy suppliers to pinpoint billing and settlement problems. Engage’s RAMA service identifies problem meters across the Non-Half Hourly Electricity and Non-Daily Metered Gas portfolio, and provides suppliers with the information they need to resolve the root cause.

The transition towards a "smart" world is likely to increase the frequency of settlements issues - and make it imperative for suppliers to maintain a competitive edge.

Our expertise covers a broad range of gross margin assurance activities including developing comprehensive assurance models, through to analysing reasons for individual or groups of failures. This experience includes smart metering - where comprehensive data quality assurance regimes will be essential prior to mass rollout, in order to manage revenue risk and to identify and correct issues promptly.

Our solution is underpinned by established systems and processes that reconcile billed and settled volumes and costs, for entire portfolios, at individual MPAN/MPRN level. These systems provide a suite of flexible operational and management reports.

For more information about our Revenue and Margin Assurance (RAMA) Service, please click  here.


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