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Rejections associated with Nexus implementation

On 1st June, the implementation of Project Nexus commenced which will reform the current gas settlements processes. It means that there will be individual meter point reconciliation across all meter points and a rolling AQ process. For the first time, all gas shippers will be able to reconcile settled volume and billed volume. All unmetered gas will be paid for through an unidentified gas adjustment adding uniformity across the whole market.

Even though there has been extensive market trials it is likely that there will be an increase in the number of rejections that a shipper will receive during the cutover period. If these are not managed and prioritised in an efficient way, then it could lead to a negative end user experience or cash flow issues.

  • Are you ready for the increased volume of read rejections?
  • Can you prioritise them?
  • Can you deal with confirmation rejections?
  • Can you process updates following meter update rejections?
  • Are you ready for any AQ correction rejections?
  • Can you validate the changes in rolling AQ?
  • Have you got a process to check that the invoiced values are correct?
  • Have you cleared all outstanding USRVs?
  • Can you confirm your sites to the correct class?

We have a detailed understanding of business requirements and the transition phases, and can provide advice on dealing with the increase in the number of rejections associated with the Nexus flows. Our consultants are industry experts who have worked for many GB energy suppliers in strategic, operational and project roles during significant periods of industry and business change.