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Reconciling your daily metered gas sites

Revenue gaps in commercial contracts can arise from data or process issues and can adversely affect the financial health of a shippers business. Large bespoke contracts carry significant risk with unique issues costing shippers £millions. Engage are settlements experts with years of experience across both gas and electricity. We continue to recover thousands by resolving individual errors.

Bespoke commercial contracts for the largest customers cover aggregated sites, balancing requirements, physical network challenges, complex metering configuration and shared commercial contracts. Billing processes may differ on a monthly basis, if site set up changes. 

Metering errors on daily metered sites can take time to resolve due to complexity and the number of parties involved. If you need help coordinating with your meter asset and datalogger provider, we can help.

Engage has experts in billing and settlement with an understanding of industry systems, processes and regulatory requirements. We can provide advice and problem resolution for:

  • Commercial contracts;
  • Energy balancing issues;
  • Data logger and meter errors; and
  • Unique sites, CSEPs, Industrial and Commercial settlement processes.

Our consultants are industry experts who have recouped £millions for suppliers through a precise reconciliation process.