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Transitioning customers to smart meters

The mass roll-out of smart meters begins this Summer, and is likely to demand major revisions to your business processes, new challenges for your resources, and therefore something new and different for your customers. Are you confident that you are ready for this transition and that you will maintain your customer service levels and meet customers’ expectations at the same time?

We can provide a review of your smart meter roll-out programme, and help you to get ready for this transition, by providing advice on:

  • The regulatory impact on your existing business processes, including Data Privacy requirements and the Smart Energy Code.
  • New business requirements, including deployment planning, SMETS2 device integration and forecasting Comms Hub order levels.
  • The internal resources required to deliver your smart metering roll-out.
  • How to align your business with the Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice, by developing on-site meter installation processes and customer engagement strategies.
  • Navigating meter procurement processes from establishing robust evaluation and selection processes through to meter deployment.

Our consultants have held senior roles in suppliers’ Smart Metering Programmes, led Smart Metering Operational Teams and have also provided expertise into the development of the overall Smart Metering Implementation Programme.