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Understanding the complex GB gas market

The GB gas market is a complex industry with many rules and processes that support it. There are also a number of different parties that take part in this market, which heightens the complexity of the market. Our skilled consultants have worked for different parties in the GB gas market for many years and can provide insight through training workshops, to empower individuals to deliver improvements to your organisation.

These workshops can be tailored to your business needs, and can provide insight into a breadth of areas, including:

  • The difference between Nomination, Allocation and Reconciliation
  • What an Annual Quantity (AQ) is and how it is calculatedHow demand is estimated
  • The different types of charges, how they are calculated and validated
  • What unidentified gas is and how it is split between industry parties
  • The performance obligations placed on industry parties
  • Read strategies and what the different read rejections mean
  • The business requirements associated with Project Nexus and future changes

We have a proven delivery track record in providing gas and electricity training workshops. Our consultants are industry experts who have worked for GB energy suppliers in strategic, operational and project roles during significant periods of industry and business change.