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Unlocking the power of Management Information

The GB retail market is extremely complex and competitive. Increased customer and political pressure places additional challenges on energy suppliers to offer reduced prices and competitive tariffs while at the same delivering great customer service.

It is therefore paramount for energy suppliers to fully understand:

  • Input costs, and how these vary across the portfolio or at a customer level
  • Customer income, and how this varies across the portfolio or at a customer level
  • Whether these costs and income match, in order to minimise the unbilled gap

Our established Revenue and Margin Assurance (RAMA) service provides comprehensive analysis that allows an energy supplier to be fully informed regarding detailed gross margin reporting for individual customers and product groups.

Our service analyses data and identifies customer accounts where there is insufficient margin, and/or a difference between their billing and settlement volume and costs. We have built into this comprehensive level Management Information that reports on an energy supplier’s gross margin, costs and unbilled accounts.

Ensuring your business has comprehensive Management Information from a single source is key to having invaluable insight from both a strategic and operational perspective.

Our RAMA service helps unlock the power of this Management Information and allows you to be fully informed when making business decisions, e.g. around commercial offerings or ahead of data cleansing activities for system changes or the smart metering roll-out. Conversely, this Management Information can be used for BAU reporting across functions such as finance, costing / pricing and revenue assurance; or to drive process optimisation and improved customer service performance.

We have a deep understanding of the energy sector that means we can provide a service that allows you to produce comprehensive portfolio level Management Information reports covering gross margins, costs and unbilled accounts.

We have a proven delivery track record in helping energy retailers to operate efficiently and profitably in the market place, through our consultancy services and software solutions.

Our consultants are industry experts who have worked for many GB energy suppliers in strategic, operational and project roles within various functions of supply businesses. We understand the challenges and opportunities faced by energy suppliers and how comprehensive Management Information can be invaluable in driving your business forward.