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The electricity and gas Energy Market Arrangements that sit at the heart of the industry are undergoing significant change as the foundations are put in place for more cost-effective energy provision, improved services to consumers and decarbonisation of our energy infrastructure.

Smart meters, smart grids, half hourly settlement, faster switching, community energy, distributed generation, distribution system operation, transportation charging, demand response, storage, aggregators, sticky customers, standard variable tariffs, group switching are all topical issues. Many, if not all, of these will require changes to the Energy Market Arrangements.

Our energy market experts can help you consider, prepare for, deliver and implement the changes required to deliver a smarter energy system, exploiting new technologies and delivering improved, more cost-effective services to consumers.

Our services include:

  • Assessment: Analysing and assessing the range of options for changing the Energy Market Arrangements to deliver the outcomes sought, considering the overall impact and the individual impacts on the various players.
  • Delivery: Changing the Energy Market Arrangements as part of the delivery programmes, and liaising with the broader set of stakeholders to ensure that the changes deliver the outcomes sought.
  • Support: Supporting individual organisations or sets of players in establishing and progressing the changes required to the Energy Market Arrangements to deliver the outcomes sought.
  • Implementation: Preparing for and implementing agreed changes to the Energy Market Arrangements centrally and within individual organisations.

Why Engage Consulting?

We are the experts in the electricity and gas Energy Market Arrangements and have a proven track record of enabling our clients throughout the UK to deliver their strategic goals.

We ensure that we thoroughly understand the underlying objectives and desired outcomes, and make sure that this drives all that we do. Our clients trust us to deliver and value our flexible, collaborative and benefits driven approach.

Our consultants and information service practitioners have many years of industry experience and our collective pool of expertise enables us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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How We Work

Independent Advice

We provide trusted, independent advice enabling you to address current issues and to realise your longer term strategic goals.

Understanding and Benefits

We take time to thoroughly understand your objectives and are benefits driven so that we achieve the outcomes you want.

Working Together

We work with you, your teams and your stakeholders to bring about the best results for you.

Flexible Approach

We flex our approach to best suit your needs and circumstances so that we deliver an excellent customer experience.

What Our Clients Say

At Engage Consulting, our focus has always been to provide the highest level of support to our clients. All our Consultants have extensive experience and are supported by the best trained support teams in the industry.

  • Delivering Supplier requirements of smart metering has been a huge multi-stakeholder undertaking over the last 10 years. Engage has provided deep subject matter expertise and diligent stakeholder management which have helped us successfully address broad range of difficult business issues over this period – enabling Suppliers to make significant progress in bringing the many benefits of smart meters to consumers.

    Lawrence Slade
    CEO, Energy UK
  • Local generation and supply schemes are a vital component of our future energy arrangements but are currently hampered by a number of regulatory obstacles. Engage assessed the regulatory regime, identified and quantified the key issues inhibiting such schemes and delivered an insightful report that enabled us to engage with the Regulator, have very constructive dialogue and trial potential solutions.

    Tony McEntee
    Head of Commercial Innovation, Electricity North West
  • The Engage electricity training provided an extremely informative insight into the overall operation of the industry – covering topics such as governance, trading, balancing & settlements, supplier volume allocation, retail processes, and industry charges. The practical exercises were useful and helped convey the information. This has helped us improve our overall industry knowledge levels – enabling managers to make more informed decisions and operational staff to better understand the reasons for and consequences of their day to day actions.

    Adrian Raison
    Director Central Service, Total Gas & Power

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