Engage Consulting 21st Birthday

Engage Consulting 21st Birthday

At Engage Consulting we’re celebrating our 21st year at the heart of the energy industry.

Considering that the product on sale is unchanged over those years, it’s an industry that’s almost unrecognisable from the one in which we started.

The number of participants in the market has multiplied, giving customers more choice than they would have almost anywhere else on the planet.

The level of consumer engagement has, by any measure, exploded. Serving these customers is now what drives suppliers and networks in everything they do.

And let’s not forget the confident first strides made into a decarbonised economy. Established renewable solutions have had marked impact on the UK’s daily energy mix. The smart meter rollout forms a solid foundation for much more to come. Fledgling green tech is attracting huge interest and investment, sparking constant and passionate debate at a front page level.

There’s no doubt that our industry is leading by example. We should be proud of how far things have come.


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Who We've Worked With

We have been providing services to the energy industry for over 23 years, during that time we have worked in collaboration and for a significant number of businesses and organisations.

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