Engage Consulting Soloman Oyegoke Technical Consultant

Solomon Oyegoke

Technical Consultant

Solomon is an expert in assessing technically complex changes in a multi-stakeholder environment within the Energy sector.  He has a PhD in Renewable Power Generation and Ancillary services supply in Low Voltage micro-grids, and is adept at executing tasks in both Agile and Waterfall environments.


  • Capacity Market
  • Contract for Difference
  • Smart Home Energy and Supporting Technology
  • Smart DCC and Smart Metering Configuration
  • Renewable Energy and Ancillary services
  • Nordpool API

Solomon’s recent projects:

  • Working closely within the Information Services team made up of Software Developers and other Technical Consultants, providing quality assurance services for both internal and external projects for the UK Energy market.
  • Worked on the invoicing system for Contract for Difference and the Capacity Market on behalf of EMRS
  • Preparation and Validation of Energy Industry dataflows.
  • Enrolment and Adoption of SMETS 1 meters to be SMETS2 Compliant, Service request creation for SMETS2 meter sets via the Smart DCC.

Solomon joined Engage in 2020 with a decade of experience in the Energy and Utilities industry and has worked as an Energy Consultant on Smart metering infrastructure and End-to-End customer integration.

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