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Engage Consulting – A Long-Standing Womens Utilities Network (WUN) Partner

Engage Consulting proudly announces its enduring partnership with the Women’s Utilities Network (WUN), serving as a steadfast supporter since 2019. This collaboration reflects Engage Consulting’s commitment to empowering women and promoting diversity within the utilities sector. By joining forces, Engage Consulting and WUN aim to foster inclusivity, inspire change, and create equal opportunities for all.

WUN was established in 2018 by visionary women who recognised the pressing need for increased representation and opportunities for women in the utilities sector. Despite some progress, women currently account for only 19% of the workforce in this industry. WUN strives to transform this landscape by cultivating a vibrant community where women connect, support, develop, and inspire one another.

With membership rapidly approaching 5,000 individuals, WUN has become a formidable movement. The network provides invaluable resources, including regular events and a free mentoring service, to support women in the utilities sector. Their vision is resolute: to build a utilities sector where women can join, remain, and thrive, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

From the outset, Engage Consulting recognised the significance of WUN’s mission and the transformative impact it could have on the utilities sector. As a long-standing partner, Engage Consulting has helped play a pivotal role in empowering women within the industry.

Hayley Monks, Co-Founder & Director of WUN, expresses her delight in the continued partnership. “I’m delighted that Engage Consulting is continuing to partner with WUN. They have supported us since the beginning of the network, in partnership and at events, and we look forward to continuing to build on the relationship.”

Engage Consulting’s commitment to supporting WUN and their vision of equality and diversity in the utilities sector remains unwavering. Through their ongoing partnership, both organisations strive to drive positive change, expand their influence, and empower women to thrive in the industry.

John Peters, Managing Director of Engage Consulting, affirms, “At Engage Consulting, we are truly honoured to sustain our enduring partnership with the Women’s Utilities Network (WUN). Our continued commitment to empowering women in the utilities industry and fostering diversity perfectly aligns with WUN’s mission. Together, we will persistently drive positive change, expand our influence, and create a future where equal opportunities thrive.”

Engage Consulting’s steadfast support for the Women’s Utilities Network showcases their dedication to advancing gender equality and diversity. Through active participation in collaborative efforts and events, they have made a tangible impact on empowering women and fostering an inclusive industry.

As the partnership between Engage Consulting and WUN continues to flourish, both organisations are confident that they will inspire others to join their cause. Together, they will create a utilities sector that offers equal opportunities for everyone.

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