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Engaging Domestic Consumers in the Decarbonised Energy Future

In a recent press release, “Engaging consumers on the journey to a decarbonised and flexible future energy system“, Ofgem issued “a call for input” on how best to engage domestic energy users in Demand Side Response and enable them to reap the benefits of a decarbonised energy future.  

Engage have been instrumental in defining, developing, and delivering major, complex industry change programs, supported by clear regulatory frameworks and technical knowledge of the UK energy settlement and trading arrangements. 

Quote from Ofgem press release: 

“We need to engage consumers in the journey to a decarbonised energy system. This means understanding their needs and expectations, developing effective engagement strategies, and managing the risks associated with consumer engagement. We will be working with stakeholders to develop guidance on how to meet these requirements.” 

  • We can help you develop a customer journey map that identifies the touchpoints between your consumers and your business. This will help you understand where and how you can engage with consumers to promote decarbonisation. 
  • We can help you develop and implement a communications strategy that reaches your target consumers with clear and concise messages about decarbonisation. 
  • We can help you develop and manage a rewards program that incentivises consumers to take actions that support decarbonisation, such as switching to renewable energy, using energy at specific times, or reducing their energy consumption. 
  • We can help you measure the impact of your engagement activities so that you can track your progress and make necessary adjustments. 
  • All of this we can do whilst ensuring your business remains compliant in a complex and evolving regulation framework.  

We have a team of experienced consultants with extensive experience in the energy sector and the challenges that consumers face. Engage is committed to helping you engage with and understand the needs of domestic energy consumers and implement DSR solutions as part of the pathway to a decarbonised energy future. We have the experience, expertise, and commitment to help you succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 


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