Allocation of Unidentified Gas Expert (AUGE)

The AUGE addresses the issue of gas used in Great Britain that is not measured and accounted for in settlement.

Potential Sources of Unidentified Gas (UIG)

The AUGE identifies and analyses potential sources of Unidentified Gas (UIG) and proposes a methodology for sharing it fairly between market participants using Weighting Factors. These factors are approved by the Uniform Network Code (UNC) Committee each April for use in the following gas year. Our methodology and the Weighting Factors are set out in the AUG Statement.

Allocation of Unidentified Gas Expert (AUGE)


Engage Consulting was appointed as the AUGE following a successful tender process.  We act as a neutral party that applies the AUG framework laid out in the UNC agreed by industry parties and do not make policy.

A fair allocation of UIG supports effective competition, as it influences the wholesale charges between shippers and suppliers and, therefore, the prices that suppliers offer customers.

Transparency & Communication

We maintain transparency and communicate with industry stakeholders through monthly progress updates on our process and methodology. These updates are available on the website of the Joint Office of Gas Transporters, along with the progressive iterations of the AUG Statement throughout the year. The Final AUG Statement and Table are published by the end of March.

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