Government / Regulator

Enabling Government and Regulator Policy Progression.

Extensive Industry Experience

At Engage Consulting, we understand the unique challenges faced in the energy sector by government departments, such as the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, and regulatory bodies, such as Ofgem. With our extensive industry experience, we provide insight and advisory services that enable informed decisions and positive change.

Government / Regulator

Policy Establishment & Progression

Our experts undertake projects that inform and / or progress government and regulatory policy, principally in the areas of net zero and the cost of energy. We form partnerships comprising organisations with the appropriate suite of capabilities and expertise, and use our programme management skills, alongside our extensive industry experience and expertise, to deliver projects that achieve the relevant governmental or regulatory objectives.

Realising the Value

Many of these projects are designed to bring about demand side response and realising the value that this can provide to the energy system – considering the markets, the services and the operability.  Many are also designed to ensure that consumers are considered appropriately with products and services that are engaging, good value, inclusive and fair.

At Engage Consulting we enable the government and regulator to establish and further their policies in the areas of Net Zero and the cost of energy, by managing projects that inform these policies.  We do this by leveraging our industry experience and expertise, and by bringing together leading organisations in their field to form outstanding partnerships when this is required. Contact us today to learn more about working with us.

Case Studies

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