FIT Annual Levelisation Audits

The Client

GB Electricity Suppliers that are Mandatory or Voluntary Feed-in-Tariffs (FIT) Licensees.

The FIT scheme is an environmental programme aimed at promoting the widespread uptake of a range of small-scale low-carbon electricity generation technologies. Licensees are required to pay fixed tariffs to micro and small renewable generators for electricity generated and exported.


The Challenge

Ofgem requires FIT Licensees to submit quarterly and annual FIT Levelisation reporting. The FIT Levelisation process ensures scheme costs are distributed equally amongst suppliers. The annual returns of Licensees must be independently audited to ensure that all figures have been accurately reported and that appropriate management controls are in place.

The Solution

Our expertise in FIT Levelisation, alongside our accreditation in ISO 9001:2015, has allowed us to deliver independent annual FIT levelisation audits for several FIT Licensees for many years.

Our tried-and-tested approach assures our clients that audit reports will be shared in an acceptable format for Ofgem. Our deep understanding of market arrangements and process optimisation allows us to provide the added benefit of a full health-check of scheme delivery. We’ll identify and communicate operational efficiency, clarify potential process improvements for our clients, and offer the independent assurance required by regulation.

For the previous scheme year, we verified FIT processes and payments for a combined FIT generation portfolio totalling >£400m. We also offer Warm Home Discount (WHD) auditing to the same standard and regularly offer both audits as a single service.

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