Effective and Fair Bad Debt Management

With the rising retail cost of energy contributing to the worst Cost of Living crisis in decades, addressing fuel poverty and managing debt have become top priorities for energy suppliers.

Debt Management Consultancy for Energy Suppliers

April 2023 saw an estimated 8.6 million households in fuel poverty, and energy suppliers are under significant regulatory and political scrutiny regarding their support for customers struggling to afford energy costs.

To maintain cash flow, whilst managing debt effectively and treating customers fairly, energy suppliers must excel in delivering customer service and managing debt effectively. At Engage Consulting our consultants have a proven track record of ensuring that front-line customer service staff have the necessary resources, tools, and processes to achieve this goal.

We provide a range of services that can be offered in their entirety or as standalone, bespoke offerings tailored to your needs.

Effective and Fair Bad Debt Management 2

Direct Debit Reconciliation

We ensure that payment levels accurately reflect customers’ usage and billing, helping suppliers make the most of smart meter readings and adopt dynamic reassessment approaches.

Ability to Pay Assessments

We help suppliers establish robust processes for identifying genuine cases of customers being unable to pay their energy bills and ensure proper credit checks are conducted.

Fuel Poverty Identification and Assistance

We assist suppliers in recognising fuel poverty and meeting the expectation to go the extra mile in supporting vulnerable customers, by implementing effective processes and procedures.

Customer Communication Review

A common complaint among consumers is the lack of clarity in communication from energy suppliers. We conduct comprehensive reviews of your debt-path correspondence, ensuring clarity and effectiveness in communication with customers.

Terms and Conditions Review

We evaluate your Terms and Conditions against the latest regulatory obligations and expectations to identify opportunities for better debt management.

At Engage Consulting we are committed to helping energy suppliers navigate the challenges of debt management while delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Contact us today to learn how our expert consultancy services can support your business in these critical areas.

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