Evolving and Optimising to the Future Supplier Model

The Future is Different.

Consumers’ Changing Relationship with Energy

We know that the future of the energy sector is going to be fundamentally different. It is evolving rapidly and with that comes both opportunity and risk.  A key change will be the way in which consumers engage with energy – via services rather than as a stand alone commodity.  The successful retailers will be the ones that adapt, shape and deliver this new relationship.

Evolving and Optimising to the Future Supplier Model

What is driving the changes?

Net Zero and the cost of energy are driving many of the changes.  The energy markets are likely to evolve, with sharper price signals that more closely reflect temporal costs. Smart meters, alongside market wide half hourly settlement will result in suppliers being more directly exposed to these prices.  Technology, innovation and digitalisation are likely to underpin new products, services and tariffs for consumers.  All of which should enable more effective and efficient use of our energy system.

Tomorrow’s Successful Energy Retailers

Tomorrow’s successful suppliers and energy related retailers will be those that embrace the changes that are happening, adapt their businesses models and shape the new relationship consumers will have with energy – providing new products and services that meet consumers’ wants and needs.


Engage Consulting can help you assess your opportunities and risks, as well as shape innovative products and services.


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