Central Market /
Code Administrators

Working with all Market Participants, Administrators and Code Signatories.

Vital Role

At Engage Consulting we recognise the vital role that central market arrangements and codes play in maintaining a robust and efficient energy market. With our in-depth knowledge of the energy sector, our experienced industry experts enable stakeholder organisations, including administrators and signatories, to effectively manage change, ensure compliance, and resolve issues.

Central Market Code Administrators

Change Delivery

Our experienced team of consultants provide end-to-end support for the successful delivery of change initiatives for all market participants and code administrators.

We collaborate closely with stakeholders in defining, assessing and consulting upon proposed changes and modifications.

We also leverage our expertise in project management and technical implementation to assist impacted participants in implementing the changes, in line with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

Compliance & Performance

At Engage we understand the industry requirements imposed through licensing and codes – and the associated performance monitoring regimes. We support code administrators in administering the relevant regimes.  We also support market participants and code signatories in complying with the requirements and engaging with the relevant performance monitoring regimes. Our experts conduct thorough assessments, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance compliance and performance.

At Engage Consulting we enable market participants, administrators and code signatories to manage change, maintain compliance, and resolve issues, ensuring a stable and efficient energy market. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for your business.

Case Studies

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