Exception Plus

Exception Plus

The Problem

A key Balance and Settlements Code (BSC) data quality assurance technique is Non-Half Hourly Data Aggregator (NHHDA) exceptions, known as D0095s. Engage’s Exception Plus software tool was developed to help Suppliers manage this and is a market-leading solution for addressing these exceptions.

The Solution

Through Engage’s detailed knowledge of the electricity market arrangements and industry relationships, it was apparent that Suppliers were often struggling to effectively manage exceptions which, in turn, could cause challenges with complying with BSC’s 97% Settlement performance targets. We, therefore, developed Exception Plus, which uses a bespoke NHHDA extract (Super-D0095) and is supported by Engage’s expertise and operational hands-on experience to provide a unique Software as a Service (SaaS) to mitigate against this problem.

The Benefits

The system facilitates a more effective and efficient management of exceptions through a structured system-based approach; the resolution process is complimented with the industry information required to address it, thus no need for Suppliers to source other information.

Exception Plus provides benefits such as: improved accuracy of Settlement data quality, more effective use of employee resource, supports root cause analysis and process improvements. It identifies MPANs approaching Final Reconciliation without an Annualised Advance, thus delivering the added value benefit of complying with the BSC’s 97% Settlement performance targets.

Consequently, Exception Plus is currently used by a variety of Suppliers covering in total 60% of the electricity market by MPAN.

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