EMRS Single Service Support Contract

EMRS Single Service Support Contract

The Client

EMR Settlement Limited (EMRS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elexon Limited. EMRS has delivered the role of EMR Settlement Services Provider on behalf of the Low Carbon Contracts Company (the Contracts for Difference Counterparty) (LCCC) in relation CfD and on behalf of the Electricity Settlements Company (the CM Settlement Body) (ESC) in relation to the Capacity Market.

The Challenge

When Engage first became involved in the EMRS project in 2014, the initial requirement was to provide business analysis resources and to create an expected results calculator for the EMRS User Acceptance Testing (UAT) team.

Engage took over development responsibilities in 2015 to create what would become the Invoice Calculation Engine (ICE) production solution. Engage has also provided detailed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) for ICE on behalf of EMRS and supported its live operation.

Evolving Service Needs

The original 2015 support contract for the development and support of ICE was replaced with the Single Service contract in 2017, which ensured that the Engage development, test and support resources could be managed more efficiently between their EMRS and ELEXON commitments, ensuring that the correct resources were always available during critical periods to both services.

Alongside the input from the Information Services team, Engage has also provided a number of Consultants to work in EMRS as Project Managers, Business Analysts, User Acceptance Testers and User Acceptance Test Management.

The Result

As of May 2023, Engage has built and tested 26 full releases of the Invoice Calculation Engine (ICE) and numerous smaller maintenance releases, dictated by regulatory changes and new technologies. During this time, various additional projects have been undertaken in parallel with these releases, such as the Capacity Market Shutdown and Restart projects.

Our ability to provide expertise, dedicated development, testing, management and support services in a flexible and timely manner has contributed to the continued success of the EMRS service in providing the Contracts for Difference and Capacity Market schemes since 2015.

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