Engage Consulting Reaffirms Partnership with WUN for 2024

Engage Consulting is pleased to announce that we are extending our partnership with the Women’s Utilities Network (WUN) through 2024.  This marks the fifth year of our alliance, underlining our ongoing commitment to promote diversity and empower women within the utilities sector. 

Since its inception in 2018, WUN has advocated for increased representation and opportunities for women in utilities, a sector where women currently comprise only a small percentage of the workforce. WUN’s impact is substantial and cannot be ignored, and it has over 6,000 members and followers. It provides a variety of events for members to attend, as well as a free mentoring service. 

In 2024, WUN has an impressive lineup of events designed to empower, educate, and celebrate women in the utilities sector. The program starts on May 9th with the “WUN FOR ALL – Psychological Safety” event, exploring the concept of psychological safety and why it is crucial for all workplaces and well-being.  This is followed by the “#IAmRemarkable” workshop on May 10th, “which is a global movement that empowers everyone to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond”. On May 21st, WUN asks the question and will discuss “Will intentional allies & advocates change the landscape for women in utilities? at the NEC. The highlight of the year will be the “Women in Utilities Awards” on June 27th, hosted in association with Utility Week in London, celebrating the achievements of standout individuals in the industry. The #IAmRemarkable workshops will continue through the summer and early autumn, with additional sessions on July 10th and September 5th. Lastly, on September 11th, WUN will explore SelfAdvocacy and how to Back Yourself. 

We are looking forward to actively participating in WUN’s 2024 initiatives. These initiatives will continue to help increase women’s visibility in utilities and foster an environment of mutual support and career advancement. 

John Peters, Managing Director at Engage Consulting, affirmed, “Renewing our partnership with WUN reflects our belief in the transformative power of diversity and equality whilst underscoring our resolve to drive positive change and promote an inclusive industry where everyone can thrive.” 

As we strengthen our collaboration in 2024, we encourage others in the sector to join us in this transformative effort.   

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