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John Peters

Managing Director

John Peters is a highly experienced professional in the electricity and energy sector, with over 40 years of industry expertise. As the Managing Director of Engage, John has played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s success since its establishment in 2000, alongside his colleague, Richard Cullen.

John’s career began as an apprentice with Seeboard, one of the state-owned electricity boards, prior to privatisation. Driven by his passion for technology, he quickly found himself in the IT department, where he championed digital adoption across the organisation. This role eventually led him to the nascent supply department, where he developed his commercial knowledge. During this time, John witnessed and actively contributed to the remarkable industry-wide transformation, as competition in supply and metering became a reality.

Following his departure from Seeboard and a successful stint with the Electricity Pool, John joined forces with Richard to establish Engage. Over the past two decades, John has amassed a wealth of knowledge through numerous assignments with energy actors and managing the growth and accomplishments of Engage.

John has always held a clear vision of helping clients overcome challenges and achieve meaningful change through open and collaborative approaches. By willingly sharing his extensive knowledge and experience, he empowers both the clients and their teams. A key aspect of his role involves assembling a talented group of experts who do the same and embody a friendly “can-do” culture, fostering an successful team and a great place to work.

With John’s guidance and expertise, Engage continues to thrive, providing expert advisory services and delivering transformations for its clients in the electricity and energy sector.

Who We've Worked With

We have been providing services to the energy industry for over 23 years, during that time we have worked in collaboration and for a significant number of businesses and organisations.

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