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The electricity and gas Energy Market Arrangements that sit at the heart of the industry are set to change enormously over the next decade as our energy infrastructure decarbonises, new business models develop, new technologies mature and are brought to market, new market roles are introduced and new improved services are brought to consumers.

Electrification of transportation and heating, increased flexibility, storage, heat pumps, localised energy services, peer to peer trading, carbon trading, cross energy vector coordination and big data could all have a role to play in tomorrow’s energy infrastructure – and will spawn new services and products and ways of engaging with consumers. The Energy Market Arrangements will need to change accordingly – although no one is quite sure just how at this stage.

Our energy market experts can help you explore these opportunities, assessing how new technologies and services can be brought to market within the existing framework; and / or identifying what changes are required to make this possible.

Our services include:

  • New Technologies: Identifying how new technologies can be brought to market within the current Energy Market Arrangements and / or what the options are for realising their potential.
  • New Services: Identifying how new services can be brought to market within the current Energy Market Arrangements and / or what the options are for delivering them.
  • New Business Models: Identifying how new business models can work within the current Energy Market Arrangements and / or what the options are for introducing them.
  • New Markets: Identifying how new markets can be accommodated within or sit alongside the current Energy Market Arrangements and / or what the options are for making them possible.

Why Engage Consulting?

We are the experts in the electricity and gas Energy Market Arrangements and have a proven track record of enabling our clients throughout the UK to deliver their strategic goals.

We ensure that we thoroughly understand the underlying objectives and desired outcomes, and make sure that this drives all that we do. Our clients trust us to deliver and value our flexible, collaborative and benefits driven approach.

Our consultants and information service practitioners have many years of industry experience and our collective pool of expertise enables us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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How We Work

Independent Advice

We provide trusted, independent advice enabling you to address current issues and to realise your longer term strategic goals.

Understanding and Benefits

We take time to thoroughly understand your objectives and are benefits driven so that we achieve the outcomes you want.

Working Together

We work with you, your teams and your stakeholders to bring about the best results for you.

Flexible Approach

We flex our approach to best suit your needs and circumstances so that we deliver an excellent customer experience.

What Our Clients Say

At Engage Consulting, our focus has always been to provide the highest level of support to our clients. All our Consultants have extensive experience and are supported by the best trained support teams in the industry.

  • Local generation and supply schemes are a vital component of our future energy arrangements but are currently hampered by a number of regulatory obstacles. Engage assessed the regulatory regime, identified and quantified the key issues inhibiting such schemes and delivered an insightful report that enabled us to engage with the Regulator, have very constructive dialogue and trial potential solutions.

    Tony McEntee
    Head of Commercial Innovation, Electricity North West
  • A key challenge in our Lincolnshire Low Carbon Hub project was to develop and trial novel commercial arrangements for flexible grid connections. Engage facilitated workshops with internal and external stakeholders to identify and assess a range of options, and developed a novel contractual framework. Their sector knowledge and stakeholder management skills were key to us selecting an option to take forward to successful trials. The new arrangements have been rolled out and are now offered on a ‘business-as-usual’ basis to generators wishing to connect anywhere in our distribution area. This has enabled connection of significant volumes of distributed generation at reasonable cost.

    Roger Hey
    Future Networks Manager, Western Power Distribution

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