Empowering Your Business Through Our Gas Market Knowledge

Empowering Your Business Through Our Gas Market Knowledge

The GB gas market is complex.

It comprises many intricate rules and processes. There are also many parties and a diverse set of stakeholders to engage with, further complicating operations in this market. Empower your business to improve your gas market operations through our expert industry knowledge.

Target improvements to your gas operations.

Making key targeted improvements to your back-office operations, and relationships with key market participants and suppliers, as well as broadening your organisation’s understanding of the gas supply mechanisms and arrangements, can be an invaluable advantage. Have your processes assured, drive efficiency, reduce backlogs, close the gaps in your trading position and establish a base for sustainable growth.

  • Market Arrangements – how the nomination, allocation and reconciliation process works (demand estimation, AQs, meter readings, Unidentified Gas) and what it all means for your business
  • Governance – the structure of the Licence and Codes and how to ensure that you are compliant
  • Performance – the performance arrangements and how they could change to better manage risk
  • Charges – the key industry charges, how they are calculated and invoiced and how they can be validated
  • Change – how the change process works and how best to engage with it

Upskill and empower your teams.

We are experts in the Energy Market Arrangements with backgrounds covering strategic, operational and project roles; all showcasing experience of major change across the industry over the last 20 years. We can help your business to carve through the complexity and understand the building blocks of an efficient, scalable gas operation.

We have a proven track record in delivering effective gas and electricity training workshops, critical insight and analysis and sharing our market expertise, tailored to your business needs. With years of experience, we can provide invaluable insight that empowers individuals in your business to deliver real improvements to your organisation.

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