Navigating the Complexities of MHHS

Navigating the Complexities of MHHS

Guiding UK Energy Suppliers through the Complexities of MHHS

The UK energy landscape is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the introduction of Market wide Half-Hourly Settlement (MHHS) and the ambitious goal of achieving a net zero future by 2050. Energy suppliers and retailers face both challenges and opportunities as they adapt to this new environment. As a leading UK energy consultancy, Engage is well-positioned to help industry participants successfully navigate these changes and unlock the full potential of MHHS.

MHHS: A Catalyst for Innovation and Flexibility

The implementation of MHHS is set to revolutionise electricity settlement arrangements, offering enhanced accuracy and volume allocation. This shift paves the way for innovative solutions and greater demand-side response, opening up new markets for domestic demand-side flexibility. In fact, a report by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) highlighted that demand-side flexibility could potentially reduce peak electricity demand by 13-20% by 2030. Engage is dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of these developments, empowering our clients to harness innovative products and services that will shape the future of the energy sector.

Harnessing Data and Digitalisation for Success

Effective use of data and digitalisation is crucial for the successful implementation of MHHS and the transition to a Net Zero future. As the UK government’s Energy Data Taskforce recommends, greater data access and transparency are essential for promoting innovation and competition within the industry. Engage offers data-driven solutions and strategic advice to help industry participants overcome the challenges associated with this transition. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to develop a tailored approach that meets your unique needs and objectives.

Unlocking the Consumer Benefits of MHHS

Ofgem’s draft MHHS Impact Assessment estimates total net benefits for GB consumers ranging from £1.6bn to £4.6bn. Furthermore, the National Grid ESO’s Future Energy Scenarios (FES) report highlights that increased flexibility, enabled by initiatives like MHHS, can save consumers up to £40bn by 2050. Engage is committed to helping our clients access these potential benefits by providing comprehensive consultancy services that ensure preparedness for the challenges of MHHS and maximise the opportunities it presents. By partnering with Engage, your organisation can confidently navigate this complex shift in the energy sector.

Partner with Engage for a Net Zero Future

As a premier UK energy consultancy firm, Engage is dedicated to supporting industry participants on their journey towards a Net Zero future. By partnering with us, you can successfully navigate the complexities of the evolving energy landscape and unlock the potential of MHHS for your organisation. Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke solutions and services and start your transformational journey towards a sustainable, Net Zero future.

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