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The launch of Energy UK’s Energy Matters Manifesto

Engage Consulting was thrilled to sponsor the Energy UK Annual Conference on 18th October 2023, which was structured around the launch of their Energy Matters Manifesto, which is worth a read.

Engage specialise in a number of the key areas within Energy Matters, particularly on regulatory, commercial and technological aspects of the evolving energy and retail market landscapes, enabling our clients throughout the UK to:

  • drive and navigate the changing energy market arrangements;
  • develop innovative energy products and services throughout the supply chain;
  • simplify and resolve complex, multi-stakeholder issues.

The Energy UK, Energy Matters manifesto sets out ambitions to unlock investment, transform the economy and deliver change. The proposal talks in depth about the £1.4 trillion investment required to transition to Net Zero by 2050 and the need for bold decisions now to unlock more private sector investment that is needed to drive this.

There are some challenging numbers called out around upgrading inefficient homes, the growth of heat pumps, the increase in flexibility from demand, the transition from combustion engine cars to electric vehicles and the required growth in electricity generation.

The Energy Matters manifesto centres around 3 key areas:

  • People – with a practical and fair Net Zero transition that improves lives and livelihoods. There are some challenges that Energy UK have raised for the next government and how their decisions around Retail Market Reform and modernising retail energy market rules can support effective competition, price signals and delivering on key programmes, to name a few.
  • Power – building the clean energy infrastructure to power the economy. Energy UK has identified the areas that need to be addressed to get us to 2030, where we will need to build five times as much transmission as we have in the last 30 years and to meet an increase in electricity demand by 50% by 2035.
  • Prosperity – reaping the economic rewards of a globally leading energy sector and how the UK can develop these further to seek economic benefits.

We welcome the ambitions set out in the Energy UK manifesto. All this change will require energy sector experts to come together with Government, service providers, technology providers and financiers to support the transition to Net Zero and benefit consumers.  At Engage, we are energy industry experts.  Get in touch to talk about how we can work together.




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