Trade Association - Smart Metering

Trade Association – Smart Metering

The major energy suppliers wanted to collate and structure their requirements for smart meters in order to help shape future smart metering energy policy.

Our consultants are experts in smart metering and are in tune with the ambitions energy suppliers have for realising the full range of benefits that smart meters can bring.  They are also highly experienced in project management and in engaging with a diverse set of stakeholders.

Since 2006, our work has encompassed meter and equipment specifications, device and supplier interoperability, consumer behaviour and engagement, roll out options, interaction with in-home devices and the safety and efficiency of meter roll-out.

The initiatives our consultants have led include:

  • Development of the first technical specifications for GB electricity and gas smart meters – which subsequently formed the basis of developments by Ofgem, BEIS and industry.
  • Delivery of the first interoperability requirements and Operational Framework for GB smart metering – which also formed the basis of subsequent Government decisions.
  • Production of the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP).
  • Production of a set of guidance, alongside the Association of Meter Operators, setting out requirements on meter installers when finding faulty and dangerous consumer equipment in the home.
  • Formation of the Smart Metering Device Assurance Company (SMDA) and appointment of the SMDA Scheme Operator.
  • Development of the world’s first in-home display, accessible for blind and partially sighted consumers alongside the RNIB.
  • Facilitation of cross-industry commitment at CEO level to complete the roll-out of smart meters with health and safety of consumers at the forefront of the programme.
  • Formation of the Alternative HAN arrangements.

Through our involvement in these initiatives, suppliers have been able to drive forward their requirements for smart meters, taking a leading role within industry for the benefit of all consumers.

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