Cultivating Young Minds at St Andrew’s School

At Engage Consulting, we believe in the power of community and the importance of nurturing young minds. This belief was beautifully echoed when we received a letter from the dedicated volunteers of the Gardening Club at St Andrew’s CE Methodist Primary School in Dronfield 

The letter, penned with enthusiasm and hope, detailed the club’s various activities – from building a bug hotel and minibeast safari to developing Coronation and Jubilee gardens. Learning about their commitment to educating children about gardening, nature, and sustainability was heartwarming.  

However, as with many volunteer-driven initiatives, the Gardening Club faced challenges. They needed essential gardening tools to continue their invaluable work – an appeal that resonated deeply with us at Engage Consulting.  

In response, we decided to donate three wheelbarrows to the Gardening Club. These aren’t just wheelbarrows; they symbolise our commitment to the community and the younger generation. They represent the tools necessary for growth, learning, and exploration.  



Our choice to support the Gardening Club was further motivated by a personal connection – one of our staff members’ children attend St Andrew’s. Through this donation, we aim to provide physical tools and nurture the spirit of learning, collaboration, and environmental stewardship among the students. By supporting these young gardeners, we are investing in a future where respect for nature and understanding our ecosystem are paramount.  

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Claire-Marie, Lynne, Charlotte, Liv & Emma, and all the volunteers at the Gardening Club for their tireless efforts and dedication. Your work is shaping young minds and making a difference in your community.  


At Engage Consulting, we are proud to be a part of this journey and look forward to seeing the fruits of these young gardeners’ labours. Together, we grow, we learn, and we thrive.  

Last year, Engage supported our team member Tom while he completed two half marathons in support of the National Autistic Society.



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