Distribution Network Operator - Innovative Network Connection Agreements

Distribution Network Operator – Innovative Network Connection Agreements

Our client successfully tendered for a LCNF project to assess novel commercial arrangements for smart grid connections.  They needed support to facilitate and drive the internal and external stakeholder engagement necessary to identify, assess and trial potential solutions.

Our consultants are experts in distribution network arrangements and in the stakeholder engagement that this challenge required.

We facilitated several workshops with representation from various internal business units as well as large consumers, embedded generation developers and other DNOs. These were designed to identify innovative options for connection agreements, assess and refine these options, and select a number to take forward and trial.

For those selected, we supported the specification of additional terms to be included in offer letters and connection agreements. We also engaged with other interested DNOs and supported the creation of template documents and lists of new defined terms that could be adopted universally.

As a result of these works, our client successfully trialled innovative flexible connections and subsequently rolled these out as “business as usual”.  This has since allowed significant volumes of distributed generation to be connected at a reasonable cost.

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