Market Administrator - Trading Dispute

Market Administrator – Trading Dispute

Our client needed to investigate a large trading dispute and this required complex processing of a large volume of industry settlement data.  Manually processing this data would have taken several weeks of effort and so, as their trusted service provider, they asked us to help.

Our technical experts understand the industry arrangements and market data – and have a track record of being able to provide rapid solutions to complex business data problems using our proprietary systems.

We loaded large volumes of annualised energy data along with period profile coefficients and processed this to determine half hourly supplies.  We then applied the various corrections and adjustments required to determine credited energy volumes.  By comparing our results to the Settlement results, we were able to determine the impact and value of the dispute on all parties.

By applying technology, technical expertise and detailed knowledge of the industry rules, we were able to deliver a significantly more efficient means of resolving the dispute than would otherwise have been the case.

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