Industry Experts for Electricity & Gas

We are experts in the electricity and gas Energy Market Arrangements, helping our clients throughout the UK to deliver their strategic goals in what is a highly competitive and rapidly evolving sector.

Consumers want a better service at a lower cost, as well as new lifestyle offerings. Technology is providing new service possibilities and innovative solutions for decarbonising our energy infrastructure. The electricity and gas Energy Market Arrangements sit at the heart of the industry and make all of this possible.

We are independent, trusted, expert advisors specialising in these Energy Market Arrangements. This includes the rules and regulations, the markets, the operational processes, the costs and incomes, the commercial arrangements and the associated settlements.

Since 2000, we have been helping our clients deliver a better service to their customers and stakeholders – designing new market arrangements, implementing change, improving services, lowering costs, and dealing with issues and complexities. These clients include retailers, networks, market administrators, trade associations, local councils, the regulator, technology providers, and financiers.

Our consultants and information service practitioners have many years of industry experience and our collective pool of expertise enables us to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

We are an equal opportunities employer and proudly embrace diversity and inclusion.  We seek and value individuals’ contributions regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, social background, religion or belief.  This diversity and inclusion makes us stronger – and reinforces the great environment we have to work in and serve our clients from.

About Engage Consulting
Engage Consulting Definition

We are the Experts in the Electricity and Gas Energy Market Arrangements.

Business Principles
  1. We seek excellence in all that we do

  2. We are honest, fair and operate with integrity

  3. We are always professional, polite and respectful

  4. We encourage and support teamwork

  5. We have a positive “can do” attitude

  6. We are an equal opportunities employer

  7. We value everyone’s opinion and contribution

Engage Consulting

For trusted, independent advice enabling you to address current issues and to realise longer term strategic goals, please email or call 0207 4050740

Our Experience & Expertise

We understand the electricity and gas Energy Market Arrangements. How they operate now and how they can enable new services and technologies.

20 Years providing industry expertise
62 Industry clients
7 Major industry market transformations
10 Industry Codes
21 Years industry experience on average
100 Percentage developments on time
How We Work
Independent Advice

We provide trusted, independent advice enabling you to address current issues and to realise your longer term strategic goals.

Understanding and Benefits

We take time to thoroughly understand your objectives and are benefits driven so that we achieve the outcomes you want.

Working Together

We work with you, your teams and your stakeholders to bring about the best results for you.

Flexible Approach

We flex our approach to best suit your needs and circumstances so that we deliver an excellent customer experience.